003 TpSUK: Causing Anarchy

TpSUK is back with episode 3

Murry2011, ZonalRipper and Here-comes-Bod team up to bring the best gaming news you have ever heard.
This Episode we bring you into the world of Anarchy with some major regrets, we touch on a few rumors and Zonalripper comes clean at TWA (Trophy Whores Anonymous)

Here is the line-up

– This Weeks PSN Update

– What We Have Been Playing

– Gaming News

– MailBag

– Trophy Count

Well that’s it from us, See told you it was the best gaming news ever.
We see you again next with with episode 4 of TpSUK

Please don’t forget if you want any shout outs or would like to ask the team a question then you can email us at TpSUK@theplaystationashow.com

Music and audio in this show was created by Jon Lajoie you can visit his youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/jonlajoie


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